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Cash Register and EPOS systems

We provide a range from basic cash registers to touch screen terminals.

We supply a variety of single roll cash registers, both thermal printers and impact printers. These are ideal for small bars, hairdressers and many forms of small retail. All of the registers feature state of the art functions.

Our twin roll machines are a versatile and ideal solution for any retail business. All have attractive space saving designs, multiple functions and are easy to use. A wide range is available so please consult us to ensure you choose the correct machine for your needs.

We have a range of pre-set cash registers suitable a wide variety of uses including restaurants, pubs, cafes, fast food, helping you control stock, staff and efficiently serving your customers.

Our touch screen terminals are designed to help you run your business effectively with features such as table tracking, kitchen printing, secure operator keys, daily and management reports as well as quick and easy to use screens for fast service.

Retail and Money Counting Scales

We provide basic price computing scales through to Label Printing scales suitable for use in Butchers, Deli's, Pet Shops, Greengrocers.

We also have money counting scales that work quickly and accurately for use with coins and notes in both sterling and euros.

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